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Facility Management in Bahrain

Advancements in technology can be seen in every sphere. The real estate industry has also been bitten by the technology bug. The latest technological advancements in real estate include smart buildings, sustainable practices, and also facility management trends.

So, let’s understand Facility management trends concerning the Bahrain real estate market. Also, let’s look at the changes technology brings to Bahrain facility management.

Firstly, to understand facility management trends in the future, we must grasp the meaning of facility management.

What is facility management?

 As the name suggests, facility management is the supervision, maintenance, control, and handling of a building and its infrastructure.  

Why is facility management important?

Facility management is not only important to ensure the safety and efficiency of the building but also to ensure space optimization, and energy management and to provide superior residential or workplace experiences.

Facility management in Bahrain

Today, facility management in Bahrain has taken a whole new meaning. It now includes advanced features involving technology integration. Moreover, Bahrain facility management looks promising with more energy efficiency and the rise of smart buildings.

Iris Property Management is the most trusted facility management company in Bahrain. Over the years, we have adapted and also adopted the latest trends in facility management, making us one of the most preferred companies for facility management in Bahrain.

The latest Facility Management trends by Iris Property Managers.

Smart buildings

Today, everything around us is smart. We have smartphones, smart TVs, and smart cities. So, why should our buildings be far behind? Iris Property Management Company ensures facility management by implementing smart buildings.

So, what are smart buildings? Smart buildings integrate essential building systems like lighting, alarms, and HVACs into a single managed network.

Smart buildings are more energy efficient. For instance, a smart building can use the data from its resources to save lighting in building common areas by adjusting to the available natural light. Centralized ACs can also adjust temperature levels according to the weather conditions. Therefore, smart buildings are more energy-efficient and cost-saving leading to more sustainable practices for the future.

Enhanced security with technology integration in facility management

Another facilities management innovation by Iris Property Management is enhanced security. Through smart facility solutions in Bahrain, it is possible to improve security measures on a facility or premises through technology integration.

For example, biometrics, eye scans, or finger print access are all facility management innovations by Iris Property Managers that are gaining popularity today.

Enhanced security through Bahrain facility management provides safe premises to building occupants. Also, facility management offers cost-effective strategies for building management.

Sustainable solutions

With a lot of emphasis on the green environment, facility management trends for the future include sustainable practices and solutions.  Iris Property Managers, the best facility management company in Bahrain offers eco-friendly premises and facilities.

Sustainable practices include waste management, rainwater harvesting, and water treatment for recycling and reuse in the building. All these sustainable practices aim to reduce the carbon footprint and also improve overall building efficiency.  


Iris Property Management Company, a leading real estate company in Bahrain is also known as the most efficient facility management agency in Bahrain. We provide smart facility solutions by adopting IoT in facility management in Bahrain.

Our Bahrain facility management ensures regulatory compliance with all Government institutions and regulatory bodies, making us a reliable facility management company in Bahrain.

Over the years, we have adapted to the changing trends to include advanced and more sustainable smart facility solutions in Bahrain. The technological integration of AI and IoT in facility management has brought about innovative trends in facility management in Bahrain.

Contact Iris Property Managers for all your real estate and facility management requirements in Bahrain.

fm companies in Bahrain

Introduction of FM Company in Bahrain

Posted on September 21, 2022 in Blog

When you work with FM companies like Iris Property Management, the maintenance of the facilities on your property will be taken care of by the most reputable FM Company in Bahrain, so you won’t have to stress about it anymore. If you choose Iris as your facility management provider, you can be certain that the company will handle everything from the start to the end.  The firm should have employed facility management experts that will maintain your facilities in pristine condition, allowing you to save money while also lowering the risk of any potential hazards. They need to be comfortable in the settings where they spend the bulk of their time, such as where they work, play, live, and where they go to school.

Main priorities of facility management

The FM team should places a high priority on the fulfillment of our clients and takes its responsibility seriously, company will pay frequent visits to your home to ensure that all of its components, including the woodwork and the furnishings, as well as the electrical, plumbing, cleaning, and air conditioning systems, are in good working order. In addition, the geographic coverage of our services extends throughout the entirety of the Kingdom of Bahrain, including all of its cities and regions. This ensures that we will be able to reach your property promptly, irrespective of where it is discovered or what time of day it is (our services are available 24 hours a day), in order to resolve any problem that may cause you to experience any form of disruption.

Responsibilities of facility management

In the realm of facilities management, one of the most important responsibilities is the upkeep of commercial properties such as hotels, resorts, schools, offices, sports stadiums, conference centers, hospitals, and airports. It’s possible that providers are responsible for things like heating and cooling, utilities, security, maintenance, cleaning, and the atmosphere. You don’t need to stress about a thing since the well-trained personnel will do all that’s required to keep your property running smoothly.

Facilities are operated by handling some of the following activities

  • In order to maintain environmental health and safety in commercial and residential buildings, cleanliness and the appropriate disposal of waste are essential components.
  • Maintain, improve, and landscape an existing garden.
  • Maintenance of mechanical systems, including elevators and heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/) equipment
  • Backup generators and emergency power supplies are examples of several types of power sources.
  • The infrastructure of an automated building would often include features such as locks, safes, security alarms, and video monitoring systems.
  • Those devices, like smoke detectors and fire hoses, are intended to save lives and keep people safe in dangerous situations.
  • Tasks related to facility management might include the installation of furniture, office technology, and office layout, among other things. Finally, choose a FM company in Bahrain who can ensure smooth operations.


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